STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and Watch Olafur Eliasson at TED 2009


Okay, I know that you have five minutes to take your brain and expand it further than it is wide right this instant.

Stop what you’re doing.
Get comfortable so you can learn.
Press play on this video below.

It’s of Olafur Eliasson at Ted 2009 – he’s talking about using space, color, and light.  You need this right now.

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  1. Jim,

    No offense intended, but I have to call Bullshit on Mr. Eliasson! Really, the emperor has no clothes!!

    I love art art and really do appreciate some conceptual art, but what he gets away with is really highway robbery. I went to his last show at MoMA and was totally non-plussed. Any lighting designer or even technician could pull off what he does. He puts some theatrical lighting up and calls it art! Most of the installations are just theatrical gags that any of us do on a daily basis. He has figured out a way to get, what I am sure is amazing amounts of money for his “installations” and pieces.

    I listened to his TED talk and it was mostly questions, simple optical illusions and a slide show of his “works”. The waterfalls were ridiculous. They consisted of scaffolding with hoses creating a water curtain. How is that bringing nature to the city? How is it helping me measure the distance between two boroughs?

    I have to share photos with you of another artist’s installation at MoMA that I ran into last week. She hung an ETC Zoom ellipsoidal up on the ceiling, put in a glass gobo of a red drape and shined it on a wall and called it an installation! People were snapping their friends in this magical art installation!! Really? How much did the museum pay for this installation. Where do I sign up?

    I guess that we should be impressed that Olafur has come up with a way to separate people from their money!


    • I think your examples highlight the modern shame that goes on everywhere. A leko on a ceiling at MoMA is a good example of the reorganization of “art” and art for profit’s sake. I’ve never been to the MoMA, and which means I’ve never paid for admission to that place. I get so sick of walking up on something that is so numbingly simple but might be beautiful and watching people lose their minds over it – especially since those people are probably spending a majority of their days staring at the internet.

      However, I gotta disagree about Olafur Eliasson. The only thing I posted that for was the questions. It’s the questions that we miss out on in our overstimulated lives – and we can only find the right questions within each of us all by stimulating our need to find the questions, the deeper ones, that change our way of life.


      • I agree that questions are a good thing. As a journalist, that is what’s at my core and my stories and writing are made better with better questions. I totally agree that there is so much bandwidth that a lot gets lost in the noise.

        I just have to say that Olafur’s work is so over-hyped that it drives me crazy. I shouldn’t hate the player, but the game. The art world has long been out of control with its values and who is an artist and who isn’t. It is all BS and subjective.

        Keep up the good work with posts and photos. It is all thought provoking in one way or another.


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