Jim’s at LightFair 2010 in Las Vegas


What a busy day!

  • see above picture
  • Interesting cab ride to the Sahara as my cabbie told me about all of the places off of the strip to see live fistfights
  • An elderly couple got into an argument while I was eating lunch, and the woman in the couple told the man that he “would rue the day” that he ever talked “like that” to her again
  • Saw someone win a thousand bucks at a slot machine
  • Old lady banged on my door shouting “Irving?  IRVING!  Let me in, I forgot to take my pills!”

Now it’s 12:30 Vegas time.  I wonder what’s in my near future?!

I’m in town for LightFair 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I’ll be covering the floor for the next handful of days – and since the LightFair people have set up a free WIFI press area for those of us deemed as press (*ahem* USITT), I can post from the floor.  Tres Chic!  Thanks, Tara!

Stay tuned – more LightFair news coming.

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