Patrick Woodroffe’s Unbelievably Amazing Lighting Installation at The Wynn, Las Vegas


I was with Jefferson Waful and TJ Gerckens for the NAB Show 2010 in Vegas this year, and after a fantastic meal at the Bellagio we decided to go check out the patio bar at the Wynn.  For those of you who have never seen the exhibit, it’s something that you probably need to make a point to see if you’re any kind of a designer or lighting artist.

Actually, any kind of an artist whatsoever should see the exhibit.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Imagine a hillside covered with lush pines, a lake with figure silhouettes standing, and a large water screen in the middle rear of the view.  Add a ton of moving beams of light within the trees, playing on their every angle, line, and color, and dancing with the water and the atmosphere around the lake.  If that wasn’t excellent enough, the lake itself has a large LED field underneath the water, which turns the water’s surface into a running-screaming-dancing-singing body of amazing.

Check out this video – I took some typical Spaz Cam footage of a few parts of the revolviong show that plays while you drink on the patio – I hope it gives you some sense of how beautiful this installation is – great work, Patrick Woodruffe!

(and yes, I know that this is not necessarily a “new” story, as this thing was conceived several years ago.  However, new to me, so I gotta believe others have not seen it too!)

Patrick Woodroffe’s Lighting Installation at The Wynn, Las Vegas from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

There is also an unbelievably great article (very in-depth) on the process, work, and installation with Patrick and his team.  Bob and Colleen Bonniol wrote the article for Live Design, and it is outstanding.

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