Dude, Seriously – Earth Hour is in Like, TEN MINUTES!


Seriously!  Shut that stuff off and go play in the dark for an hour!  Earth Hour starts at 8pm your time – meaning your time zone.  at 8pm, shut off anything drawing power in your house or apartment and just give the grid a break for an hour.

Last year my wife and I made some light art with a keychain LED.  I plan do do something similar to last year’s event in a few minutes here.

Here is a short list of things that you can do in the dark – definitely not an exhaustive list:

  • sit in the dark
  • light a candle and stare at it for a little while
  • blow out the candle and play marco polo
  • get bored with marco polo and decide to microwave some popcorn
  • remember that it’s Earth Hour, and you unplugged the microwave
  • re-convince yourself that you can wait an hour for popcorn
  • jump back on the couch defeated
  • play with your iPhone for a half hour
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