You Got $870 bucks to Spend On A Lamp, Then Trash It?


First, watch this – you’re seeing the Less Lamp, created by Jordi Canudas:

The Museum of Modern Art website is selling this lamp for $875 USD – only $787.50 if you’re a MoMA member – as a piece of light art.  It’s an interesting statement of art, right?  But mostly I just want to meet someone who has a grand to spend on “light art” like the lamp by Jordi Canudas.  I am all about light, art, and light art, but I just don’t have that much cash to “invest” on something like that right now!

Jordi, don’t take offense – I’m writing about it, aren’t I?

Check out Jordi Canudas’ portfolio site too – he’s got interesting wares there!

It even comes with the hammer so you can destroy it.

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