JimOnLight.com’s Top 20 of 2009


I was just pouring over some analytics for the website, and I noticed that JimOnLight.com saw almost half a million views in 2009.  That took my breath away, you awesome people!  Thank you so much for reading the site – it warms my heart more than I could ever express.  This is my favorite thing to do, and I hope that you all continue to read and contribute your ideas and links for stories.

I love to see what people read on the site – I’m rounding the corner of 1,300 posts and readers have left almost 2,000 comments.  What a day booster!  I went through and compiled a list of the most popular posts of 2009 – I’ve listed them below.  I hope you get to see something you missed before!

JimOnLight.com’s Top 20 Posts of 2009

From #1:

  1. Attention Lighting Designers:  You MUST Read Texas House Bill 2649
  2. JimOnLight.com’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 1 – History
  3. JimOnLight.com’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 2 – Lamp Types and Sizes
  4. Page 2 of JimOnLight.com (yeah!)
  5. PRG’s Bad Boy
  6. posts tagged with “resources”
  7. Pussy Cat Dolls – Video by Naked
  8. the JimOnLight.com contact form
  9. Texas House Bill 2649 – What You Can Do
  10. JimOnLight.com’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 3 – Form Factors
  11. Texas House Bill 2649 Passes
  12. posts in the LED category
  13. DIY LED Hack – Ikea Table
  14. DIY LED Monitor Backlight
  15. page 3 of JimOnLight.com (woohooo!)
  16. posts tagged with “Chris Kuroda”
  17. posts tagged with “lighting toys”
  18. Big Clive’s DIY LED Floodlight
  19. Induction Lighting – 100,000 Lamp Hours
  20. New York City’s Empire State Building Lit for the 2008 Presidential Elections

I hope I am able to do right by the awesome readers of JimOnLight.com in 2010 – thanks for an awesome 2009!

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