Jim Hutchison Joins the CAST Software Team!


I am really excited to announce that I’m now working for CAST Software!


I approached Gil and Bruce from CAST Software at LDI 2009 about CAST’s role in social media, and that I wanted to help in any way I could.  After talks and strategizing for a while since the convention, they’ve decided to bring me on as their Social Media and Area Sales Manager!

This is just awesome for me.  I have A) been using WYSIWYG for a long, long time, B) really believed in what they’re doing up there, C) wanted to be a part of the CAST team, and D) I love talking to people about WYSIWYG!  This is like epic win for me right now.  So as of a few days ago, I’m playing on the CAST team of developers, experts, and really fun people.

In addition to my full-time roll with JimOnLight.com, I’m also going to help CAST branch out into the worlds of Twitter, Facebook, and other various social media streams.  YEEHAA!  I’m still gonna write about WYSIWYG stuff here, because I am a fan and a user!

In the mean time, follow CAST Software on Twitter and Facebook!

CAST Software on Facebook:  facebook.com/CASTsoftware
CAST Software on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/CASTsoftware


So, please resume your normal JimOnLight.com reading, sorry to interrupt!


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  1. Yay, Jim! Congratulations on the new gig. It sounds pretty cool. I love that you landed it by networking, it really speaks to the power of building relationships. This sounds like such a cool opportunity (now we have similar jobs for different companies). And you’re extra sweet for giving your wife a shout out!

  2. Congrats Jim on your new job!!

    that may now give away Wysiwyg subscriptions instead of JOL T-shirt 😉

    greetings from Holland,

  3. Hey Man!

    Congrats – great way to start off the New Year on the right foot.
    Well deserved and I’m sure you’ll be an awesome addition to the team.

    Way to go!
    Keep in touch,


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