Daniel Becker’s Outdoor Light Fixture/Sculpture/Light Tinkertoys


Does anyone remember Daniel Becker from about this time last year?  Daniel invented a luminaire called the Tee-Licht, a sphere made from votive candle lights wired with small incandescent lamps.  Quite interesting, actually!

Daniel’s studio is back at it with a foray into outdoor lighting, but nowhere near the norm.  Daniel’s new fixture, “Sparks,” is a modular LED system of connecting pieces that join to create a very molecular form – artistic, mechanical, and technical.  From Daniel’s website on the Sparks system:

Sparks is an outdoor lighting system which consists of several similar modules which can be arranged in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure. The lighting elements are based on low-energy led modules, all pieces are connected by simple screw-type joints which don’t need any technical expertise. Its intended use is to bring atmospherical light and create a defined room within a previously undefined large area, square, garden or the like.

Check out these images – it looks pretty interesting!







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