A Luminaire I Could Accidentally Kick Down The Stairs


Meet the LUNA Light by Christian Strauss:

lena light 1

The LUNA Light is an LED sourced, lean-to kind of fixture.  Inside of the light is an angle-sensitive switch that turns the light on or off depending on how you’ve got it tilted.  From the designer, Christian Strauss:

LENA is a leaning light made of aluminium round pipe. The lamp has a finishing of liquid gum, resulting thereby a very pleasant haptics and matt black optics. A tilt angle contactor provides for the on/off switch inside of the lamp and it underlines the gesture of the leaning perfectly; the quicksilver inside of the tilt angle contactor inclines when the lamp is leaned on the wall or the furniture and merges thereby two contact parts providing smooth current flow. Therefore supplies LENA with direct or diffuse light only in leaned position.

I suck at not breaking things that lean on something else. You know the shelves that have a large bottom end and lean up against the wall? Yeah. We don’t have any of those in our house because I would break them in a week by tripping over them. I can’t imagine that this would be any different in my house.



Thanks, Contemporist!

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