The Boid Interaction Toy – A Sensitive Ball of Light



My friend Tina told me about this really cool light toy called a Boid Interaction Toy – a light ball that senses other Boid balls and adjusts its intensity accordingly.  Imagine a sensitive toy that gets happy when its friends are around – that’s the Boid:


From Leiteq’s website about the Boid Interaction Toy:

“An interactive light-ball, responding to other boids and overall ambient light. The Boid senses it’s surrounding Boids by integrated sensors, and changes it’s brightness accordingly. The boid is a stand-alone product, and a single Boid already reacts to ambient illumination. A few together can synchronize joyfully, or display contrary brightness. Many Boids together display intriguing flows and patterns.

The Boid is also a social product. It can bring Boid-owners together to interact and unfold even more mystical patterns. Don’t stay put with only one or a few Boids, bring them together!”

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