A DIY Glass Block LED Display


I love do-it-yourself lighting – every time I read an article about someone who has wired up some LEDs in an interesting configuration with a homemade controller, I just get all giggly and stupid.  I’m always sketching diagrams and ideas for luminaires – I am hoping that I am able to take the Luminaire Design course here in the Spring so I can expunge some of these ideas from my melon.

I read an article at Make about Dave Vondle’s DIY LED display wall – Dave wired up a bunch of LED sources behind a glass block wall on his block in Chicago, on Logan Square.  Dave had to take it down, which is a shame, but he documented the project very well.  Great project, Dave!

Check out Dave’s very well documented project page at IDEO Labs, the video, and images below:

Glass Block LED Wall Display from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.




Thanks, Make!

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