Vadim Kibardin’s Dandelion USB Light



My new friend Tatiana here in Haninge sent me the link to this interesting USB light – it’s Vadim Kibardin’s design, “Dandelion,” from 2005.  The light is obviously spherical, but has perforations built in allowing light to pass through the sphere.  From Vadim Kibardin’s portfolio site:

The model consists of a flexible metal stem with a USB-plug on one end and a transparent diffuser with a LED on the other. Low-current modes are enough for the lamp – for example, the lamp will still work even if the computer is off, and the operational life of the luminodiode is 1000 hours of ceaseless lighting.

The plafond’s design is an example of the research results’ practice in the sphere of bio-amorphous structures and morphogenesis of 3D objects.

That’s weird about the 1,000 hour diode, isn’t it? I wonder why it’s rated so low?

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