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Several milestones have been met this week – I am thrilled to tell you that JimOnLight.com has reached over 100,000 readers, and I just finished writing over 1,000 posts on the site.  Every person that reads JimOnLight.com drives me to write more and more, as I love sharing my knowledge of light with anyone willing to listen!  There is a sink of dishes waiting for me, as a matter of fact, that has been neglected because I’ve been researching articles.  At least it hasn’t started to smell yet!

In light of this milestone, I’m firing up another contest, this time for a copy of Wolf, Parker, and Block’s textbook, Scenic Design and Stage Lighting from Wadsworth.  Mine is the eighth edition, not the ninth, just FYI.  I taught out of a copy of this book for a good handful of years.  It’s a great book, and many people across the country are using it for their classes!

The one I am giving away is new, and retails for about a hundred dollars:


Contest Details

This is a pretty easy contest to enter, like I try to make all contests I conduct.  All you have to do is become a fan of the JimOnLight Facebook Page.  That’s it!  Once I get 100 fans on the page, I am going to have a random drawing for the winner of the book from all of the fans on the page.

Tell your friends on Facebook to fan the JimOnLight.com page!  As soon as the page reaches a hundred fans, I’ll pick a winner and update this post.  Good luck!  Please pass the word!

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