YeaYea and The Linienlampe Pendant Light


It sounds like a crazy children’s story, doesn’t it?

Then the Linienlampe Pendant Light brought peace, chocolate bunnies, and good will to all of the children of YeaYea Land.

Okay, maybe not – but the Linienlampe Pendant Light is a pretty interesting piece of lighting art that should be shown.  The fixture consists of three tubular (like totally dude) lamps that appear to be joined by the excess cable attached to them, but in fact they are joined by a piece of heat-resistant silicon material.  Depending on the fixture height, the cable is wrapped around the center of the lamps’ joint.  That is extremely cool.  Johannes Heinzmann and Franz Gabel are the designers for the Linienlamp.

Some images:



Check out YeaYea’s design studio website, and thanks Contemporist!

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