Pete Sans’ “Ameba” Lamp


Check out this excellent overhead lamp!

ameba pete sans

This is the Ameba Lamp from Pete Sans, a designer out of Barcelona.  It’s design was for the company Vibia – although Pete’s work is all over the place, at stores like Vibia and Architonic.  Ameba is a modular design of about five shapes, and there are several configurations, like this:

ameba pete sans

From the images looking up, it appears as though the Ameba lamp was designed with careful consideration to an even, flat emitting surface under the lamp.  I can just imagine a design of this lamp where you could see 15 or 16 little hotspots in the glass – I am glad that this one seems free of that!

More images of Ameba:

ameba pete sans


ameba pete sans

ameba pete sans

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