How to Fold A Drawing


    I seem to have this argument with architects mostly, but as far as I’m concerned, if you have less than 10 pages of drawings, you can fold them as opposed to rolling them.  It’s wonderful to pay a few bucks to throw a drawing or two (or five) into a manilla envelope and ship them away.  It’s also considerably easier to travel them through an airport when they’re folded – TSA certainly can’t mistake a folded drawing for a bazooka or some other ridiculous excuse to go through all of your stuff because you have a rolled drawing in a tube.

    Check out this video I made for you all:

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    1. Jim, this is great! I will so use this. I hate rolled drawings. BTW, where ever did you get that nice shirt??

      • I’m so glad! Right before grad school, I got accosted by TSA security in Atlanta International Airport for carrying a drawing tube. I’m still to this day in wonderment over the stupidity that allows a plastic tube marked “ArtBin” to be mistaken for a rocket launcher. I learned how to fold drawings after that.

        The t-shirt! I had one of those and an Alive Lighting t-shirt made a few months back. I was thinking about asking on the blog and placing an order for shirts. What do you think?

        • That’s funny(now) about the TSA.

          I think you should post the idea about the t-shirts. I would totally buy one!

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