Jason Eppink’s Pixelator – Turning Ads into Art


Vicki DaSilva turned me on to Jason Eppink’s ongoing unauthorized work, Pixelator.  I learned a few things from researching this project, as I often do – for one, NYC’s Metro Transit Authority is paying an estimated $274,000 per screen (on about 80 screens) across the city, located above subway entrances.  These screens blast ads and other media conglomerate events.  The cost of these billboard screens obviously decreases the amount of art that appears in these spaces – Jason’s project gives instructions on how to create a mock-screen-thing that turns these billboards into a series of 45 blinking, color shifting pixels.  You gotta check this out:

If you live in NYC or have visited NYC and seen one of these, post in the comments!  Check out Jason’s Pixellator site, too.

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