Ushio’s Synergy LED MR-16 Lamp



Ushio is claiming that they have made the first truly usable LED MR-16 replacement product – the Synergy LED MR-16.  The Synergy product claims an 80% savings over halogen MR-16s, a 50,000 hour life – as well as being fully dimmable, cool, UV and IR free.  Those are some pretty big claims!  There are several beam angles to choose – basically from 12° to 50°, all with a 4W consumption.  Color temperatures for the series run between 3100 and 6500°K.

Gosh – can you imagine MR-16’s that you could actually handle without leaving an MR-16 burn tattoo on whatever touches the lamp?  It kinda makes me want to have a fleet of MR-16 Mini-Strips loaded with these LED MR-16 lamps for testing!  Check out the Ushio product page for the LED MR-16 replacement lamp.


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  1. From what I read, these have a long way to go if they are going to replace EYC’s in your ministrips. They only replace 20-25w MR16’s. let’s hope they speed up the process on the 75w replacements. I can imagine a day when losing a circuit of a strip to be no more!

  2. CRS Electronics has a line of warm white 6W LED MR-16s with 300 lumen output, more than twice the output of the 4W Ushio warm white (139 lumens) and almost twice that of the Ushio white (160 lumens)

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