NeoPac Opto’s 1500 Lumen Emitter


Holy photons.  A company in Taiwan, NeoPac Opto, has produced 1500 lumens from a single emitting surface at 30W.  Their system uses an array of heat pipes and heat sinks that keep the LED cooler, giving optimum performance.  NeoPac Opto’s emitter is 14.1mm squared, and contains eight chips in that surface.  The way they are able to get such performance is by precise thermal management; by mounting the emitter on a silicon submount which is connected to a heat pipe.  An illustration:


The NeoPac Opto emitters have a controlled junction temperature of 60°C – from what I understand, NeoPac’s technology and method for managing heat keeps this temperature way down.  From an article at LEDs Magazine:

“Our thermal management is passive cooling by natural convention,” said Yeh. “The ambient temperature is one of the key factors that affect junction temperature. Through our technology, we can easily take the heat out of the package and dissipate the heat through the heat pipe and heat sink efficiently into surrounding air.”

Check out NeoPac Opto’s website here.


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