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A company called Illieum has created a series of pixel battens that connect to create a modular video surface – DMX controllable, connected together by Cat5e, and you can connect up to 270 of these things together.  It’s called the Fusion 672 – the modular design gives the designer the ability to put these things in endless configurations, and the mapping drivers that control the panels allow you to import CAD files of the configuration for true visualization of the work.


White Light, a production company in London is marketing these panels for rental; right now White Light is supplying the Never Forget tour, which is about to go out, with a Fusion 672 system in tow.  From the press release at White Light:

White Light is delighted to announce the launch of Fusion 672 from Illieum, the next generation of LED lighting effect.

A rugged, lightweight batten – just over 1m long and weighing just over 3kg – each Fusion 672 contains a 72×6 array of individually controllable tri-colour LEDs with an ultra-wide viewing angle. Battens can be arranged in any pattern with the units oriented horizontally or vertically, packed tightly together or spaced apart to allow lighting through the array. Fusion 672 can serve as a video display, a lighting fixture, a light sculpture or anything in-between.

Setup of even the most complex systems is easy. Units are daisy-chained together by standard Cat5e cable. The layout of the units is specified in a spreadsheet that is uploaded to the Fusion Mapper controller, which automatically configures and address the units. The Fusion Mapper accepts DVI or VGA video input, mapping the video signal from any computer or media server to a layout of up to 270 battens; alternatively, the system can be controlled via DMX or ArtNet for effect playback.

Incredibly powerful and versatile, Fusion is easy to transport, set-up, rig and de-rig. Flicker-free at low level, super-bright (4000 Nits) at high-levels, yet drawing less than 100W of power per unit even when at full output, Fusion 672 is ideal for events, parties, conferences or fixed installations, for live use or on television or film.

Designed by the team behind the popular, acclaimed Thomas PixelArt, Fusion develops the technology to give improved output and easier control while maintaining the high output, easy set-up and versatility to create complex, low-resolution video systems established by the PixelArt.

Fusion 672 is distributed in the UK exclusively by White Light. “We were approached by the Illieum team, and it quickly became clear that Fusion is a fantastic product offering incredible possibilities to those working in the fields of lighting, video and the increasing cross-over between the two,” comments White Light’s Managing Director, Bryan Raven. “It is incredibly easy to set-up both physically and in terms of control, and the effects it can create are quite remarkable. We’ve already put it to use on a number of our corporate projects, where it has been very well received, and we’re delighted to add it to our sales portfolio where we hope it will find a huge audience.”

Fusion 672 is already proving hugely popular with users, a system about to go out on tour around the UK with the hit Take That musical Never Forget.

The system is on show at White Light’s base in Wimbledon, south-west London, or can easily be brought out to on-site demonstrations. Anyone interested in arranging a demonstration of Fusion 672 is invited to contact the White Light Sales team on sales@WhiteLight.Ltd.uk or 020 8254 4840.

Fusion will also be on show at the PLASA Focus Show in Leeds on April 28th and 29th, and on a forthcoming Fusion Roadshow around the UK.

Further information about Fusion 672 can be found on-line here.


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