Tear Drops from Tokujin Yoshioka’s Eyes


I have really enjoyed the weird oversimplification of products that has been going on in design lately.  Swedish designers have been producing some really beautiful work, and I’ve been very impressed with what is coming from Japan lately as well.  A good example of this is Tokujin Yoshioka’s “Tear Drops.”  Check out a few images:



That glass cut is beautiful.  I had to look at that first image for a long time – I couldn’t pull my eyes from it.  It’s a glass glob with a lamp inside – does that thing not look completely mesmerizing to anyone else?  I love the way it looks when it’s off almost as much as when it’s on.  I would love one of these lamps.

Wow, was that too many compliments?  I really like this.  Tokujin created this for the retailer Yamagawa.  They’ve got a pretty cool website, actually.




Thanks, DesignBoom!

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