Slow Lighting: Go Build Stuff Out of Junk!



Cool!  I’m not so hip on calling it “green,” per se, but Tinker.It is having a lamp-building-from-junk fest in their London office on April 18.  It’s only 30 pounds for lunch and materials – which is only 30 pounds for UK folks, but $12,343.37 for people in the United States.

Boy I certainly do love that exchange rate joke, don’t I?  Yikes.

About the event:

A one day event where you’re invited to make a lamp out of random stuff we’ll have collected at local stores, charity shops, etc. Bring your own materials, bulbs, old lamps, Arduinos, etc. This is a making day, not a teaching day, so team up with some people with skills, and come and make something fantastic. We’ll pick out the best work and take it with us to Milan on the following week. It will be exhibited as part of’s presence at the Milan Furniture Fair as part of the Green Art Festival.

Any UK readers going?  I’d love to know how it went!

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