Colorful, Artistic Lighting for Snod Soho



I’ve not had a Snog Frozen Yogurt before, but they sure have a great looking store!

A design firm called Cinimod Studio has created a beautiful design for the London Soho Snog store – a ceiling full of little spheres with LEDs enclosed, 700 of them to be relatively precise.  The LEDs change color and create differing pictures and making the noms look great.

From the Cinimod Studio website:

Cinimod’s design builds upon the brand identity created by ico Design and evolves the strong architectural vision created in the first store SNOG South Kensington, while introducing a different ‘quirk’ in the design: the bubbling ceiling. This lighting feature is comprised of 700 glass globes containing LED lights and presents a new level of visual excitement and public engagement.

Under this effervescent ceiling, a gleaming white counter reaches almost the full length of the store, presenting the assorted fresh and baked Snog toppings within an elegant glass cabinet. Marcel Wander’s Shitake stools have once again been used for the seating, arranged around bespoke tables. Towards the rear of the store the curved super-pink walls meets the icy-cold glass wall which provides the canvas for seasonal works by guest artists.

Here’s a video of the store and Cinimod’s work:

Beautiful work!  I never knew that frozen yogurt could be so colorful!  TCBY’s stores certainly aren’t this rad.

Did I just use rad in a sentence?  OH YEAH!






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