TentLED – No More Busting Your Rear At Night


I love to camp.  I love it.  A bunch of friends in Dallas and I used to camp as our regular “man activity” when we needed a weekend away of burning things, smelling like a monkey’s uncle, and eating foof cooked over an open fire.  Oh yeah, and drinking Lone Star beers out of a can.  In my camping gear there are tons and tons of LED devices that are just cool to have at night in the middle of the woods.  I just discovered one that makes so much sense to me right now, but never even crossed my mind whenever a certain mishap occured.

The mishap is something that most people who camp have done – in the middle of the night all of the Lone Star calls to your bladder and says HEY!  I NEED OUT RIGHT NOW! so you get out of the tent and stumble your way to whatever spot has been designated as “the spot.”  In the process, your foot catches the several ropes employed to hold your tent down, and down you go, face first into the dew covered night grass.  Oh yeah, I’ve been there.

Enter the TentLED:


Now, how great is that?!  I’ll never trip over my damned tent ropes again.  The TentLED just rigs onto your rope, and is water and shock resistant.  Once you put them on, you won’t have to take them off.  Such a simple device with a large impact.  At least a large impact for my poor face in the dark while camping.

The company who came up with this, Van Berlow Strategy and Design, won some recognition at the International Forum Design for this product.


Thanks, GizMag!

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