BARCO NX-4 LEDs at Comcast’s HQ


I’ll keep my feelings for Comcast to myself, I am certainly not going to link them here.  But the huge Barco installation of NX-4 LED video panels at Comcast’s HQ is pretty freaking sweet.  I understand that it’s also the largest NX-4 install they have out.  Check out this video:

From Barco’s website – product info on the NX-4:

Barco introduces the next breakthrough in LED displays – the NX-4, the industry’s new visual standard in indoor LED technology. With its revolutionary Black LED, the NX-4 delivers the deepest black levels of any product on the market.

But the new Black LED is only one element that makes the NX-4 unique. Key advances in base materials, mechanical design and color processing have raised the bar of LED displays to new heights of image quality.

NX-4 is not simply an incremental advance in 4mm LED tile technology – it’s more, much more. In fact, the term “quantum leap” doesn’t even come close.

Key benefits include:

  • Phenomenal black levels
  • Contrast ratio of 4000:1
  • Brightness output of 2000 Nit
  • Seamless & lightweight
  • 16-bit color & grayscales
  • Consistent uniformity over time
  • Creativity options
  • Serviceable without tools
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