Icon – A Lamp By V12 Design


From first glance, the Icon fixture from V12 Design looks like both a lamp and the operating head of some kind of device that teleports people from one point to another – a steep sloping conical fixture with a large glass disc sharing the illumination.  V12 created this work for I TRE, an Italian retailer.

Valerio Cometti, the founder of V12, had this to say about the Icon:

Icon owes its strong personality to its distinctive shape and to the juxtaposition of opaque and transparent materials. Icon is a large decorative lamp and I’m particularly pleased with the way the light projected by its own light source interacts with it: the vast opalescent disc on the bottom side of the lamp enhances the quality of the light emission and the glass ribbon creates an elegant ring of light that brings together the heart of Icon with the external environment. It is a precious light manufactured with a great deal of accuracy, beautifully finished with its liquid painted spun metal parts, seamlessly joined with pressed glass and plexiglass details.

Check out the Icon lamp from V12 Design:




Thanks, Contemporist!

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