Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder. What?


Remember Hammacher Schlemmer?  Their stuff is often in that magazine in the airline seat pocket that you pick up when your iPod died and you already read your US News twice already.  You know, with the Stainless Steel Wallet and the Rear View Mirror Bluetooth Speakerphone with Deep Fryer.  Or something.

Well, guess what?  They have an Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder, too.  Dude, that’s wackier than Andy Dick in a big pink clown suit.  But you know someone on the red eye from Vegas to Boston looked at that and said “OMG!  That Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder and the Lord of the Rings Bronze Undies, and I AM SET!”

I could be wrong, probably not though.


It’s got a 3 watt LED and 17 infrared LEDs – 13 feet of IR illumination.  It’ll take a 2GB SD card, and has 128M onboard memory in case you have to take 15 seconds of video and 500 quick snapshots on your super-secret-not-even-your-wife-knows-spy-mission.  How lifesaving!  It only takes three “C” batteries – oh yeah, and it’s $399.95.


I really need to start a series of “What?” posts.


Thanks, Coolest Gadgets, this really made my day.

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