A Sweeper Lamp? What?


Well, there are a lot of things that I can see mashed up in my head – a blender/juice extractor, a shower brush/karaoke mic, a mirror/good mood machine, and maybe even a desk chair that doubles as a go kart (because how much fun would THAT be?).

I never saw in my head a lamp that was also a sweeper:

“Hey, I spilled some Cheerios on the floor.”
“Oh, that’s okay – get the lamp.”

Hmm. The “sweeper lamp” is called the Spruce.

From a post at Vitamin World (of all places to discover lighting products):

This free-standing lamp doubles up as a floor sweeper. The sweeper is integrated into the base of the lamp, allowing people to give their homes or a particular dirty spot a quick once-over without the hassle of having to engage in a full cleaning session.

Proof that I have not in fact seen it all.



Thanks, Vitamin World!

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