KOZO Lamps


These things are great!  DEMO/Design Clinic out of Israel has created a bunch of fixtures made from plumbing  – you know what they say, “never plumb when the stores are closed.”  Something awesome?  They turn on and off via a spigot!


The design for the KOZO Lamp was created by David Benatan from Tel Aviv.  Now, the concept of the lamp is pretty awesome – the lamps are made from reused old parts – authentic plumbing cleaned up a little and repurposed for lighting.  There are three models, KOZO01 through KOZO03 – here, for example, is part of the description for the 03 model:

The KOZO3 parts come from around the world and each bares the trademarks of its origin country. The materials are left raw and alive, with little authentic rust at the joints and the marks from hand tools that were used in the assembly process. KOZO3 is handmade and assembled by us at the studio.

Here’s a picture of KOZO1:


and KOZO2:


last but not – wait, no, this is last, the KOZO3:


I have to say that I really love the way that the source is recessed back into the fitting.  It really seems to give the fixture some extra life, as if it’s shining its face onto whatever you need illuminated.  The KOZO2 and KOZO3 models are halogen, and I believe the KOZO1 model is frosted incandescent.  Nice work, David!

Check out the line of KOZO fixtures at DEMO/Design Clinic‘s Etsy store.




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