The Paperfold Lamp Series



These lamps come in some live colors.  A Swedish  architecture firm, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, has created the Paperfold Lamp series – a series of lamps made from a simple folded paper design, with other simple alterations made to the fold.  The lamps come in CMYK colors (K means black, in case you didn’t know, or couldn’t discern it from the pictures) and have a few forms – desk lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps.

The story behind the Paperfold Lamp is just nice – it’s a grandmother story:

It all really started with a strong woman, my grandma. Astrid was one of Sweden’s first teachers in sewing. She sewed the first clothes I wore and introduced me to form and design, she told me how to make beautiful clothes out of simple paper templates. The Paperfold series comprises six lamps each deriving from the same idea. They come in black and three primary colors; cyan, magenta and amber.

The designers of the Paperfold lamp are Fredrik Kjellgren, Daniel Andersson, Joakim Kaminsky and Ola Frödell.





Thanks, Yanko and Kjellgren Kaminsky!

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