Feast Your Eyes on Robe’s LIFI Lamp Fixture – ROBIN 3 Plasma Spot


GO LIFI!  I was waiting for this day to come!

Robe used Luxim’s LIFI lamp in a moving light.  Remember LIFI?  It’s the tic tac sized HID that is electrodeless and works on RF; it’s also got a long life, collimated beam, and high CRI. I spoke with Tony McGettican the other day on the phone for an upcoming JimOnLight.com podcast, and asked him about any partnerships with moving light companies.  He wouldn’t say anything – I heard a rumor a few days before about Robe having a LIFI fixture.

Check out the ROBIN 3 Plasma Spot – from the press release:

Robe Launches new Robin moving light range at Prolight + Sound 2009 – 27.3.2009

Robe lighting launches it’s amazing new Robin (Robe Innovative Concept) range of moving light products at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt.

Robe will once again have a colourful, beautifully designed, highly visual and welcoming booth D59 in the middle of Hall 9, as well as running an active demonstration area away from the booth. This will offer the opportunity to show the new products close up in a calm and relaxed environment.

The first fixtures in the revolutionary Robin series are the Robin 3 Plasma Spot, the Robin 300E Spot & the Robin 300E Wash.

Robe continues it’s drive to be at the forefront of technical innovation with these fixtures, which are designed to maximize the amazing features, functionality and opportunities offered by the new Lifi Plasma lamp and the Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp.

Fantastic results are achieved in the colour rendering output using plasma lamp technology, whilst the punchy output of the Philips lamp is multiplied by a unique Hot-or-Not-spot reflector solution allowing remote hot-spot control. (patent pending)

The Robin 3 Plasma Spot is the first in a new generation of fixtures, coming complete with the features of every designer’s dreams – An extreme light output of 18,000 Lumens, a perfect colour rendering index (94), an extremely flat and even light beam (1 : 1) and a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

These are all made possible by the fantastic new plasma lamp light source – which is just being introduced to the market. The Robin® 3 Plasma SpotTM also offers a 20 – 100% dimming capability and a semi-hot re-strike facility of less than a 20th of a second for the full lamp brightness to be restored after shutting off.

There is an exceptional optical efficiency of 54% and a lamp luminous flux of 22,000 Lumens, giving the fixture an incredible output of 10,000 Lumens – never previously achieved from a 266W light source!


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  1. Yeah, I got a chance to see the plasma fixture at LDI, its really cool stuff.
    I am interested to see how Robe prices it.

  2. Jim,

    Assuming this new plasma light works as advertised, what percentage of the market do you think it will capture? Do you see LEDs effectively competing against it?

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for reading!

      My opinion is just that – an opinion. I do think that the Luxim lamp will not only gain a pretty heavy market share, but will lead to other innovations in the market. LEDs do not have the intensity numbers to compete yet. But again, I’m an opinionated guy! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the response Jim. I value your opinion 🙂 In addition to the entertainment market, I’d sure like to see these new bulbs powering street lights across America. Seems like an easy way for municipalities to save on energy as well as maintenance/replacement costs.

    • Why, thank you! It’s awesome that my opinion is worth something!

      Have you checked out Luxim’s website? Their products are pretty fantastic, and the specifications on their civil (ie, streetlight) lamps are almost unbelievable. I for one would love to see their lamps everywhere. I promise I don’t work for Luxim, I just love their innovations.

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