Mike Zinman’s TCP/IP Remote


    tcpipheaderI just got to my hotel here in Hampton, VA – and I got news that Mike Zinman is about to release a new iPhone app!  The newest release in the ZinmanCo line is the TCP/IP Remote – a software control using the iPhone to control automation, media, lighting, and control systems.  Assignable macro buttons, hot keys, and talk to anything that receives a TCP or UDP message.

    From the website:

    For IT professionals, systems integrators, and anyone looking for customizable control of any software or hardware capable of TCP/IP and UDP communications.

    Includes a full functional Terminal, 25 assignable “hot keys,” and 12 one-touch macros for common entries.

    You can label any of the 12 macros and 25 hot keys, which makes this app very versatile for any type of application.

    Use it for any device that can receive TCP/IP & UDP messages.


    Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
    Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


    For Lighting & Media Systems:

    * MA Lighting Systems (GrandMA)
    * Martin Maxxyz Manager
    * ETC Pharos Lighting Systems
    * GLPs Creation
    * Interactive Technologies Cueserver
    * Coolux Pandoras Box Media Server & Player
    * Coolux Media Manager

    For Automation & Show Control Systems:

    * Crestron Systems
    * AMX Systems
    * Control4 Systems
    * IR Trans Systems
    * GlobalCache Systems

    Check it out!



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