Sinthesya, the Photosynthesis Fixture



A conceptual lamp at this time, Synthesya is a concept that stores sunlight in solar cells during the day, and through high-powered LEDs emits that light when it is time.  The creators, D’ and Camillo Vanacore, claim that the lamp is waterproof so it can be used in the living room as well as the garden – and my favorite aspect of the lamp is that it was created around the idea of photosynthesis. From the Behance page on this project:

Sinthesya born both from admiration of natural power inside chlorophyllous photosynthesis and attention to ecological features. Sun is life, and this lighting system is designed as indoor/outdoor lamp thanks to fotovoltaic flexible panels to recharge it and customizable waterproof details.

The project has not been brought to fruition, but I think the concept is interesting.  It’s along the same lines as the Solar Vertical Lamp, the Light Blossom, and a bunch of other fixtures using this concept.  It’s a good idea, don’tcha think?  Since the lap isn’t a reality yet, let’s hope that it’s created using high quality materials and an efficient system of PVs and LEDs.



Thanks, EcoGadgets and Behance!

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  1. These are the kind of luminaires I call ‘Designer Green’ as in nice try but no cigar! Nice render though, although love the ‘flexible’ crystaline solar cells!!! LOL.

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