LED Fluorescent Replacement Lamp



A Japanese company called Toshin Electric has released an LED fluorescent replacement tube called the “Bikei,” and it fits an existing 40W fluorescent socket.  The specs on this lamp are interesting; 120 blue LED chips, CRI of about 90, and 40,000 hours projected lamp life. Existing LED fluorescent tube type lamps are running a CRI of about 70, but normal fluorescent lamps are between 84 and 88 (Ra).  What’s this saying?

It’s saying that the existing LED fluorescent tubes ain’t cutting it, right?

Bikei’s luminance is about 370lx at 1 meter under the lamp, according to Toshin Electric.  Toshin also says that their lamp’s luminance is about equal to a 40W straight tube fluorescent lamp.  Toshin is expecting this new source to be used in places that would utilize this type of fluorescent source – parking lots, tunnels, factories (high bay?  I don’t see it) and stores – as a few examples.

The lamp is going to start shipping at the end of this month (February 2009), and is running about $306 dollars.


Thanks, EcoGeek, GoodCleanTech, and TechOn!

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