The Up|On Lamp


I ran into this crazy lamp while I was researching a post – but I had to share, as I think it is totally something I would have on my desk.  QED Design has this lamp in their store, on request:

The Up|On Lamp has some special switch inside which only lets the bulb that is on top have electricity – as you can see from the video, if you hold it upside down, all of the bulbs fire.   To shut it off, you flip the handle to the top.  What an interesting lamp!


I’m not sure as to the type of lamp that is included with the fixture – my assumption is that any will work, but the filament on the included lamp is pretty sweet.  However, you know about the word “assume.”



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  1. Sorry for my poor english ; I’m just a french speakin’ belgian dude tryin’ to communicate, using a non-mother language…

    This has nothing to do with the subject, but I thought, maybe, you’d like to have another POV ’bout the (etienne de crecy / exyzt) versus (the killers / mtv) case. I don’t really care about it but, as I reacted – a few weeks ago – to your article and, then, hapenned to find something new…

    here’s the article (obviously written by a “non-english man”):

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