Visa Lighting and Fringe



I love that show Fringe – my wife and I watch and enjoy it, as it’s in the same vein as the X-Files, but not really at all.  It’s its own animal – but a very enjoyable show.  It’s also got some very excellent production design, utilizing some very beautiful lighting fixtures like Pablo Designs’ Brazo LED Lamp, which can be seen on what seems like every FBI agent’s desk, and in Broyles’ office.

Silvercup Studios is shooting Fringe at its stages – I found out that Silvercup Studios just bought some fixtures from Visa Lighting in Milwaukee, WI for upcoming scenes in the situation room and in one of the hallways on the show.

Visa Lighting in Milwaukee, WI has a TON of really beautiful works; specifically purchased from Visa Lighting by Silvercup were the Plana CB6372 and the Plana CB6374.  Check out these images:

The PLANA CB6372:


The Plana CB6374:


Visa Lighting didn’t pay me do write this post – nor do I work for Visa Lighting.  However, they have some very awesome stuff, and you should definitely check out their catalogue!  They’re cool enough to get spec’ed for Fringe, so they’ve gotta have some game!  The Plana, the Colonnade, and the Sash families of their products are among some of my favorites.

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