Bolon’s Twinkling Twilight



Flooring and camping gear company Bolon has produced a natural woven fiber flooring called Twilight; it’s a flooring material with high contrast colors that shimmer.  No additional light sources, no LED mat underneath – just a special material that is woven together to contrast – light and shadow.

From Bolon’s website:

With Twilight as the inspiration for our new collection 09. Twilight is the state where neither light nor darkness prevails. It is the frontier that divides the day between dark and light. The inspiration for the 2009 collection of floor designs from Bolon comes from the world of magic, and the colours are reminiscent of dusk – the change from light to dark, shadowy and shimmering at the same time. Twilight from Bolon is a frontier between the floor, the room and whatever lies between.



Thanks, Yanko!

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