Ireland is Testing Water-Powered Street Lights



Water-powered street lights.  Water + a little generator + LED street fixture = happy illumination for everyone.


Well, we don’t know quite yet.  Ireland is testing a water-powered lamp for street lighting – just one right now, flanked by two solar-powered LED fixtures.  The fixture is powered by a little turbine powered by the stream under the footbridge where the test fixture is installed; one generator can power three of these street lamps.  Oh, did I mention that the water-powered setup is €3,000?  The water-powered lamp is backed up with a solar collector for those days when the stream is low, or something like that.

So, the conversion is €3,000 = $243,712.67 USD.  I’m kidding, of course.

Does anyone have an image of this water=powered source and its generator?

Thanks to CleanTechnica, SuperEco, and the Irish Times!

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