Philips’ Simplicity: The Wake Up Light


    Philips is really rocking me lately.  They keep producing sleek, beautiful luminaires that have obviously been given some UX and usability thought and consideration.  The LivingColor lamp, the Light Blossom, the Philips LED sources – they are creating some very beautiful and usable pieces.  One that I just discovered – the Wake Up Light – is no different.

    From the Philips press release about the Wake Up Light:

    The Philips Wake-up Light is designed to gently wake the body the way nature intended – with light. From half an hour before your required wake-up time, the Philips Wake-up Light starts emitting light which gradually increases in intensity, simulating the rising sun in your bedroom. Your body will be gently prepared to wake-up so you feel refreshed and more alert when you finally open your eyes. In a survey eight out of ten users found the product easy to use, as its intuitive design means the product takes only a few minutes to set up on first use.

    To make the experience even more pleasant the Wake-up Light incorporates three natural sounds to help you Wake-up in harmony. Choose from birds in the forest, sounds of the African jungle, soft chimes in the wind, a friendly beep or your favourite radio station for the ideal waking experience.  The new Wake-up Light has been redesigned to look better on your bedside table. Its new ergonomic design means that it is now smaller and even more practical to use. Its light intensity means you can use it as a reading light, it’s also eco-friendly thanks to its energy saving light bulb.

    Some specs:

    • 30 minutes sunrise simulating process.
    • Light intensity up to 300 Lux such that light awakes you naturally.
    • Natural Wake-up sounds.
    • Light for easy reading.
    • Compact size for limited bed-side table space.
    • Elegantly hidden LED Display.
    • 9 minutes snooze function with sunrise replication (light and sound).
    • Alarm-test function, to check next morning’s light and sound settings and for demonstration in-store.
    • Energy saving lamp.

    If you’re one of those people who has a hell of a time waking up in the morning – waking me has been compared to raising the dead on occasion – then check out this lamp!

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    1. It’s funny, I just moved into an apartment with almost 0 natural light, so I went to lowes and bought a couple little can lights and a digital light timer. Not nearly so pretty, but only $25 or so..

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