Peel Off Your Light


Korean designer Sehwan Oh wants you to have control of the way, shape, design, and amount of illumination that comes from your fixture – so he created the Peel Off Lamp.  Peel off your creative shape from the pre-etched laminate, and off you go.

For some reason, this kind of product has a hard time catching on.  What would you do differently?  I can foresee the difficulty in coming up with a design that is so amorphous or nondescript yet flexible enough to please everybody.  You know what they say…

…you can’t please all of them all the time.

thanks, Yanko!

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  1. Well for starters, it’s not an especially attractive fixture. Also, there is a way to dynamically customize light from a fixture- a dimmer switch. I think that type of DIY light might work in a tween-dorm room, but that’s not the market they are trying to hit with this.

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