The Plexineon White 2X Series


Back in October at LDI, I met Elizabeth from iLight Technologies in Chicago (who is very nice, by the way) who heads up the PR team for iLight.  I asked Elizabeth to send me some product info so I could write about itiLight makes all kinds of flexible LED products that replace neons and signage, and stuff like that.  There are a couple of posts I’ll make in the next few weeks about some of their products, case studies, and specifications of their LED products – they have a pretty decent variety of products, including the white range of LED “neons.”  They call this the Plexineon series, and I have some info on it I want to share.

First, from the press release a while ago (it sucks that I just discovered iLight):

This second generation of white light developed by iLight is offered in four Kelvin color temperatures: 2800K, 3500K, 4500K, and 6500K.  The Plexineon White 2X Series produces high efficiency white light with stable and consistent color temperature.  Most importantly, White 2X has longer lifetimes than other white products on the market due to its unique construction, and is approximately 50% brighter than the original white series making it perfect for accent and low light level applications.

iLight has overcome the many shortcomings of white light LED products that are constructed by standard industry methods.  White 2X is produced using a patented technology which contains standard high intensity blue LEDs and a proprietary diffusing technology which avoids the phosphor degradation issues of standard white LEDs as well as the individual LED degradation issues of the RGB approach.  The simplicity of the process results in a robust, cost effective and long-lasting white product.

“RGB is a very inefficient way to create white light and white LEDs continue to have problems of color shifting as they degrade over time,” states President & CEO, Sean Callahan.  “Our White 2X offers designers an elegant way to obtain white light with a variety of Kelvin temperatures, including the warm 2800K.”  Due to its durable construction, ease of installation and energy efficiencies, the White 2X Series, as with all Plexineon products, appeals to architectural, entertainment, hospitality, commercial, residential and signage applications.

This is very bright stuff – I was pretty surprised at LDI to run into this product, and my good friend Anjeanette actually has a project in the works, maybe just now finishing (HEY ANJ, what was that project?) – and the strips are bright bright bright, even and consistent.

Plexineon comes in four color temps, from high blue to medium “tungsten” levels, 2800°K.  Depending on the application, it’s a good variety of temperatures – there’s nothing in the 5K-6K range, but the higher temperature selection should do the trick for most applications requiring that range.

iLight Technologies has about 30 patents, including one for the Plexineon technology, and has 56 additional U.S and international patents pending in other LED lighting systems beyond their linear lighting products.  Check them out – visit

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  1. I am not happy with the plexineon, it started failing after 1 1/2 years and we have to rent a lift truck every time, so far we had 2- 8′ strips burn out, 1 transformer, another 8′ strip went out and now a 4′ strip is out ( thats 4 bucket truck rentals – about $700.00 each rental/permit). Ilight has not responded after several e-mails and will not come downtown to check out this issue (it is a well known resturant downtown chicago) No I’m not happy with this product at all !!

  2. How does Plexineon manage the heat of their LED. Being encapuslated in resin or rubber there is no where for the heat to go. Which will cause the problem Steve has above. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to find a “flexible” LED.

    What is the warranty provided.

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