Yatzer is Having a Design Fight!


Yatzer’s Design Blog is having a “design fight” between designers Daniele Trebbi and Sungmin Hong.  The subject?  Light Hooks.  From the website:

1. “ALONE” by Daniele Trebb for Pallucco
Alone, an “illuminated circular outline”, a coat hook that casts an eye at the concept of a wall light. Its clear-cut, linear design is enhanced at the rear by an opal finish ring that fills with white light creating a bright halo focusing on the hanging garment. Alone can be used in various ways – on its own, in a row or randomly scattered – contributing with its light to outlining visual and functional paths, while furnishing and enhancing also the narrowest and dimmest corners on the home.  It is available in two versions:for connection to mains voltage ,with wall on/off switch and fitted with 3 high-efficiency white LEDs or battery-powered with push on/off switch located on the opal finish ring and a battery charger as optional, fitted with 1 high-efficiency white LED .
Materials: opal diffuser and frame in polycarbonate – available in a white, red or black finish.
Size: diameter 118 mm projection from wall 69 mm

2. “Bolt-formed light bulb” by Sungmin Hong
The light bulb itself was showing that it could be utilized as a nail. By changing the form of the part covering the filament into the form of a bolt, the form of the socket was naturally determined. As a bonus, you can hang a picture frame or coat hanger on the bolt-formed light bulb.

What do you think?  Which do you like better?

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