Looks Like The Sacremento Kings ALSO Thought This Was Worthwhile


Remember when the Utah Jazz added all of that automation to their lighting and audio system for their games? It looks like the Sacremento Kings stole the idea…  It has been added to “boost the theatrical value” of the home games for the fans.

From the article:

The system, Germann said, “features two types of lighting instruments – one that can project full motion and real-time video on any surface (such as the court), and one designed specifically to cut through ambient and bright light, so fans can still see moving light even when the lights are up.”

My guess is DL2‘s or DL3‘s, maybe DML-1200’s, and some kind of hard edged yoke – like one of the new Clay Paky heads.  I could be wrong about the moving heads, but I bet I’m pretty close on the projector heads…

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