SEACHANGER Color Engine for Profile Spots


If you’ve ever tried to mix deep primaries with color filters, then you know how much of a pain in the rear it can be – until the SeaChanger came along.  The SeaChanger color engine is a device that modifies your Source Four ERS units into color changing spot fixtures with CMY/G mixing capabilities.

CMY/G, you say?  Yeah.  Green.  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and a patented “Extreme Green” dichroic that adds the ability to mix deep hues, add subtleties to colors, and create looks that aren’t possible with color scrollers and faders.  Dichroic filters are utilized inside the unit, which are glass, so the colors don’t fade – and the need for cooling fans doesn’t exist, so the unit is silent as well.

SeaChangers are capable of all of the standard ETC beam spaing tools as well, so you can add gobos, irises, gobo rotators, gobo changers, etc to the unit.

Check out the product page.  I’ve used these only a few times, but every time I discover something else I love about them.

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