iPix and Radiohead – Awesome Video


Radiohead lighting and visuals designer Andi Watson is using 48 of the BB7 10 degree spot LED fixtures around his rig – with 25 of the units in five custom 5-way frames produced by Specialz.  Watson is also using 48 of the new BB4 wash luminaire models on his FOH truss.  25 i-Pix Satellite units with a holographic film are mounted on the floor in and around the backline to light Radiohead at close quarters.

Check out the offerings by i-Pix.  I certainly hope I have a chance in the near future to spec a few of each of the BB-4 and BB-7 fixtures!  The output is amazing.

Check out a more in-depth review of the Radiohead design and Andi Watson’s work in the i-Pix website’s article – great story!

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  1. Hi! There is a new booking coming out Feb 16, 2011 about Andi Watson and his work with Radiohead, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Counting Crows, Dido, and others. It’s also got a forward by Thom Yorke!

    Here’s some more information on it:


    On the Facebook page it also talks about a signing event in Long Beach, CA. Should be really good with hopefully some giveaways!

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